Intercultural Team building

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How do you turn your colleagues' cultural differences to a mutual advantage ?

  • Music is a universal language : each culture can recognize itself in its music. All cultures meet each other through music. Music is an essential, powerful and ideal vehicle for intercultural team building.

  • Through this experience, your colleagues will sing pieces from their culture (Anglo-Saxon, Chinese, Germanic, Hispanic, Italian, African, Indian, Muslim, or French) and unite themselves with bits of universal patrimony. Our workshops ensure the three aspects of the curve of multicultural adaptation: listening to difference, recognizing cultures, and practicing a common language.

How do you stimulate cultural intelligence ?

  • In situations of expatriation where we lose our bearings, it is vital to come out of your comfort zone to listen without judging, to open up by decoding surprising behaviors.

  • Fueled by his experience in France, Germany, the USA, Asia, and Africa, it is this vocation that Guy Perier gives to his intercultural Team building workshops. Dare to sing, create, interpret with your colleagues. Your team's creativity is stimulated by finding resources for adaptation.

What management styles are needed for a multicultural team ?

  • The musical experience is a chance in a multicultural context. Classical music is born from intercultural exchange. Every day it reunites musicians from different cultures around the world because in itself, the work of ensemble music reunites the parts of an intercultural mosaic. Anglo-Saxons, Latinos, Asians, and Africans all find important parts of their management and cooperation cultures.

  • The Orchestral work demonstrates a multicultural building which works. This Team building through music becomes a common reference which makes relationships easier for the duration.

Immediate Open behavior

Guy Perier can testify of special moments during his intercultural Team building workshops. Europeans are connected through the forward-thinking feeling of sharing so much common history. Americans, in the North and the South alike, make the group feel good through their positive comments. Asians open up and are engaged, often with humor. The differences among the French are expressed in the feeling of the complicity of being French. Typical behavior of settling down (too strong authority, overprotectiveness, etc) is dotted with humor and complicity as much as through interests as through the group.


Please look at our Team Building page page to see how the workshops are organized.

Our clients are saying :

"I wanted my whole team of 20 legal experts of 7 different nationalities to fully experience this bel canto and fusion of our voices, comparable with our everyday professional objectives. In law as in music, individual work merges and multiplies itself when part of a team thanks to listening to other colleagues' voices and in the example of a fantastic and passionate leader of the orchestra like Guy Perier, who has awoken our vocal and interpersonal skills and stimulated our group creativity."
Marco Ferrazzani, Italian Lawyer and Head of law Department at

“Perfect illustration of how confidence can stimulate people you are working with. Very clear and useful insights into leadership skills and approaches. Funny and subtle. This type of activity help us to see our jobs and management skills with a different point of view.”
American, Chinese and French Managers CGG VÉRITAS

Guy Perier

Orchestral Conductor § Leadership Coach

On issues of leadership or team building, especially for multicultural teams, I coach directors and managers with a double aim: more generous individual and team performances.