Team building through Music

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Are you managing a team, convinced of the need to reinforce its cohesion ?

  • Your colleagues will have a memorable experience that will stir them during a Team Building Musical workshop, where they will become the musicians in an orchestra. They will experience transversal behavior through song, which will allow them to create great performances in harmony and synergy: playing their role and listening, reconciling rigor and imagination, bringing their personal contribution in the respect of others. And they will share their learning from their double career in business and as an orchestra leader.

Do you want to recognize your colleagues' motivation, reward a period of mobilization or celebrate a success ?

  • The enthusiasm of success : singing a hit, learning a song from a distant culture, composing a skit, performing in an opera choir, conducting the group, etc. In all of these options in the Team Building Musical, your colleagues will (re)discover themselves in a surprising way, becoming united in the pride of their results. An intense, confident and rewarding musical performance. And the keys for collaborative intelligence to better contribute going forward with the operational performance of your team.

Do you need to make cooperation more harmonious and productive, to unite your matrix or virtual teams, to prevent conflict risks ?

  • We have all experienced it, now scientists such as sociologists prove it: music has the unique power to open even the most stubborn person and infuse positive energy. It puts into play emotion and rational intelligence, rigor and pleasure, expertise and collaboration. Your colleagues will be motivated by this playful and inspiring adventure.

Do you find that impressive ?

  • Guy Perier has built personal, mobilizing and experienced expertise to help your colleagues push their individual and collective limits with ease and good humor. Everyone will appreciate this team adventure which can do much more than each of its individual parts, like the tone of sincerity of exchanges "among peers" and the feeling of enriching oneself in energy and beauty.

What's the best option for your team ?

An important choice of configuratons : a single 2-hour workshop, Process of Team Building Musical guiding the running of your seminar, Team building seminar in one day? A team of 10, 50 or 100 people, a convention of several hundred participants? Sole intervention or dual-led with an expert HR consultant? We work with you to put together the score which is the most suitable to your needs.

Our clients are saying :

"Both the themes approached and the playful treatment that you have put in place have greatly contributed, in a somewhat limited amount of time, to unite the team, as I was hoping."
Laurent PASACAL, HR Director, LVMH Fragrance Brands

"Guy Perier shares his musical universe with passion, talent and generosity, The team-building effect is efficient and the perspective on the business is very rich. Thanks for giving us such wonderful moments."

"Congratulations, nothing but congratulations: how to get across the importance of emotion as a factor of team building to a group of supposedly rational and rather individual engineers? How to stimulate their motivation by making them sing together and showing the power of leadership skills by making them direct this improvised choir by one of them?"
Pascal DUBOIS, Management Development § Organisational Performance SAFRAN

Guy Perier

Orchestral Conductor § Leadership Coach

On issues of leadership or team building, especially for multicultural teams, I coach directors and managers with a double aim: more generous individual and team performances.