Leadership by Music, Talent Management

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Are you an HR manager, in charge of developing your future directors and your managers ?

  • Dare to manage : throughout our Leadership by Music workshops, your colleagues will play the role of an Orchestral conductor, the only musician who does not produce any sound, yet carries the responsibility for the success of the concert or performance. In a discipline which is as technical as the music, the conductor of the orchestra must absolutely place himself in the field of human relations.

  • Each person will lead the group and demonstrate behavior which makes others want to follow us. Because the orchestra needs to rely on the musicians. The participants will have the concrete experience of building a team quickly and embody the concepts and positions of leadership.
  • They will feel the need to go beyond the only reference of technical expertise and functions of coordination to gain a real personal aura thanks to their vision and engagement.

Are you convinced of the strength of sincere and credible shared experiences ?

  • Remember, Guy was an international manager before his career as Orchestral conductor. He doesn't defend any model which is as ideal as it is unrealistic; throughout the Leadership by Music workshops, a dynamic and truthful exchange between peers is conducted on professions which become a way of life: the importance of efficiency and the need for inspiration, passion and stress management, public role and solitude, sources of confidence.

Several options :

  • To contribute to the most efficient way for your talent management program, we offer you the choice of 3 options for the Leadership by Music Workshops: a 2-hour workshop, the ideal compliment to a training seminar with assessment; a half-day course which allows us to show you the widest field for leadership situations. A 1-day course, co-led by an expert HR consultant, to build a thread of plural intelligence in 5 steps.

Our clients are saying :

"You have contributed to our convention's success through an innovative approach, involving participants. The parallels between the leader of the orchestra and the manager were obvious."
Gilles GATEAU, HR Development Senior Vice President EDF

"Guy Perier offers workshops around music and leadership through which the precision of the teaching method really allows each participant to create a before/after by giving them tools for understanding the transposition between orchestra management and team leading. Guy is a teaching partner who unites the rigor of team work with engagement in a teaching project."
Gentiane PORTRON, Corporate University Manager EGIS

"A very well constructed intervention. The parallels with management are very evocative."
Yves LACHERET, Senior Vice President Commercial Europe, ACCOR

Guy Perier

Orchestral Conductor § Leadership Coach

On issues of leadership or team building, especially for multicultural teams, I coach directors and managers with a double aim: more generous individual and team performances.