5 Striking Advantages of Creative Team Building

Publié le 15 mar. 2015
Between willing to develop behaviors at the heart of a team and needing rapid and quantifiable results, a manager is often in an uncomfortable position. The organization of a creative team building event acts as an effective aid for this.

Reconciling Collaboration and Cooperation

  • The first definition of team building is a mission to strengthen the connections at the heart of a team. The aims of this are generally very vast : reflection, growth, developing collaborative intelligence, motivation, compliments, recognizing performance, facilitating stress management, adhering to values, intercultural team building, starting projects on the right foot, creating a sense of advancement during an orientation seminar, igniting a spark of inspiration...

  • It has to do with reconciling two apparently contradictory dimensions : collaboration (a free will to become part of the group and to work together) and cooperation (a structured organization with allocated tasks). Calling on the involvement of your colleagues by means of a creative team building event has a multiplier effect !

Effective Emotion

  • A creative team building event allows the emotions of each participant to be freed and perspectives that are difficult to verbalize to be expressed. We all know that when we work in plural intelligence, the resources of reason are enriched with emotion, and we have a bigger impact with more ease. Joy, enthusiasm, the pleasure of communication: why deprive yourself of these ? Even in environments with very masculine values, encountering beauty is appreciated by colleagues.

  • Especially as creative team building events have an effect on exchange and collaboration aiming towards a collective creation, without developing or accentuating a competitive spirit between the team members. Even making the advantages of cooperation felt and appreciated in professional environments, where competition reigns as a benchmark.

Performance in Play

  • A creative team building event brings generous results to a team : it places them in a "play mode" that they know well (without even quoting Einstein — "Play is the highest form of research."). This is one of the most powerful teaching methods, putting forward new situations that combine ambitious, collective, and individual goals in a reassuring and motivational way.

  • It is also important to highlight the keys to success of these memorable experiences so that the teams and businesses can take away practical benefits. The key to performance is in the pairing of team building and support. This "feedback" can be created by the organizer of the group himself, an outside coach, a facilitating participant...

Imaginary Trips and Inspiring Encounters

  • There are a multitude of poposals for creative team building : painting, music, theatre, cinema, sculpture, do-it-yourself projects, cooking, cardboard construction... They all appeal to the collective imagination in constrained situations (available materials, time available...).

  • It doesn't have to do with comparing the works to those of Picasso, Charles Aznavour, or Spielberg. But yes, the savoir-faire of the team leaders allows amateurs to learn and use elements of technique. It gives permission to "let it happen" with regards to collective creations that are supported by sincere emotions, which are usually brilliantly assembled and of which the teams can be truly proud !

  • These work groups also have the chance to have rewarding meetings with painters, singers, actors, conductors, clowns, craftspeople... These surprising and good-natured meetings are so inspiring ! To allow team members to get better (re-)acquainted, and each one to be more connected with his/herself.

What are the selection criteria ?

Dare to be ambitious! If you want your team to progress in their behavior, show them a good example through the organization of a truly original work group, and trust in your colleagues. Recognition works both ways !

Let your imagination and tastes lead you, and trust in the advice of your colleagues... Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by the risk you are taking. Rely on the feeling of trust that the team leader inspires in you, as well as the ease that their proposal gives you to create points for improvement for your professional goals.

Article posted by Guy Perier Orchestral conductor / Team building § Leadership through Music : A Generous Performance for the website www.team-building-musique.com

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Guy Perier

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Guy Perier

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